Australia’s most awarded distillery is launching a new

Fundamental Spirits range

Marking a milestone for independent Australian distillery, Archie Rose Distilling Co., the new range of 100% Australian spirits is set to launch in October, designed to serve as the foundation for any great drink.

Aptly named Fundamental Spirits, this new line of three spirits will include a True Cut Vodka and one Straight dry ginlaunch in October 2022 and a Double Malt Whiskey to be published in 2023; all obsessively crafted by the same innovative spirits and stills that have made Archie Rose Australia’s most awarded distillery for the past eight years since it opened in 2015. True to the brand’s values, the new trio from Fundamental Spirits offers local spirits, sustainably sourced ingredients, while simultaneously providing a new level of accessibility to high quality Australian spirits.

To complement the unrivaled craftsmanship of Archie Rose’s Signature Vodka, Gin and Whiskey range, the Fundamental Spirits range has been developed with the aim of providing more people with an unusually simple base of Australian spirits. for their favorite drinks. True Cut Vodka offers a more neutral palate than Archie Rose’s popular Native Botanical Vodka. Cold distilled with nothing but Australian wheat, local botanicals and triple filtered water, it stays true to its name. The Straight Dry Gin is also cold distilled with a simplified range of native and reclaimed Australian botanicals compared to the distillery’s gins to date, featuring lemon myrtle, orange peel and pink peppercorn. Completing the range, Double Malt Whiskey combines a solera of Single Malt and Rye Malt Whiskey, with legacy NSW rye and barley malts, aged in ex-apera (sherry), bourbon and virgin oak.

“We are extremely excited to launch the Fundamental Spirits range, as this marks a huge moment for Archie Rose as a company,” said founder, Will Edwards. “Our goal has always been to bring high quality Australian spirits to the world, and the Fundamental Spirits range is a significant step in our efforts to achieve this.

“We know Australians love to drink Australian spirits, but the artisanal nature of craft distilling means that our products, along with other amazing distillers, are often reserved for the high end, with international brands still dominating the market. We wanted to create a range that redefines the traditions of how Australians drink by providing an accessible range that does not compromise on quality allowing Australians to drink Aussie all the time.

Despite the recent popularity of house spirits, 90% of today’s market still drinks imported gin – an even higher statistic for vodka and whiskey. While the Signature range will remain the benchmark for customers looking for super premium spirits, this new range will provide an accessible gateway to new audiences. Along with their limited editions, partnerships and educational experiences, Fundamental Spirits is another layer of the company’s mission to bring the highest quality Australian spirits and ingredients to more people.

Without compromising on the importance of flavor, the Fundamental Spirits range is made possible by the creation of Archie Rose’s new distillery in Botany, Sydney. Brimming with innovation, the investment we have made to significantly expand our production techniques and capacity sees our Botany distillery house world-first equipment, including cold distillation for gin and vodka plants and individual malt streams for the whiskey, to deliver a far superior quality of spirits” Master Distiller, Dave Withers.

Adapted from the iconic bottle shape, the Archie Rose Fundamental Spirits range features a longer bottle neck and lighter weight, designed as the perfect Australian alternative for rail, shelves, festivals and events.

True Cut Vodka and Straight Dry Gin will launch through Archie Rose Bar & Cellar Door, the website and in bars and bottle shops across Australia from October 2022. Double Malt Whiskey will launch in 2023.

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