Apple or cake? Texas Bakers Food Creation Leaves the Internet Amused


Attention please! The “everything is cake” trend is back. Creative bakers around the world have surprised social media with their wonderful creations. They made cakes that looked exactly like everyday objects. They even posted videos and photos of cutouts in the cakes to reveal the true shape of the dessert. However, a Texas-based baker, Natalie Sideserf, known for depictions of classic cakes, has taken the baking game to a new level. This time it’s three red apples. Of course, we have to guess which of the three is a cake. Before giving the answer, let’s take a look at the clip.

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The video opens with three apples placed on the table. They all look very similar and it’s hard to tell which one is the cake. Moments later, she slips a knife into one of the apples to reveal it was a cake. “Real or cake,” Natalie captioned the post. The clip went viral on the internet, amassing over 8 million views and tons of reactions from internet users.

While the internet marveled at the baker’s creativity, many claimed they were able to guess correctly. “I noticed the difference because the sugar droplets pick up the lighting differently, they look slightly brighter or brighter,” one user wrote. Another said: “I made a guess based on which one looked the tastiest and I was right.”

“That’s it, I’m convinced I’m a cake maker too,” read one comment.

In 2020, during the “everything is cake” trend, we came across cakes that look like dolls, stuffed animals, even balls, toilet paper, vegetables, bags, as well as shoes. And, only Natalie surprised the internet with her creation. She had prepared a platter of juicy, shiny chicken pieces. No, it was not a savory dish. Everything, including the platter, was cake. It was hard to believe our eyes when Natalie cut into the tray.

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