AMD expands research and development in New York with the creation of a new CPU design center


Recently, AMD has seen its sales increase dramatically, which has led the company to rethink the budget of its research and development department, which generates millions of dollars every quarter. AMD’s R&D department assists the company in the discovery and innovation of its flagship products and new technologies. The company is now looking to hire another large group of new employees for a single processor design center in New York, which will focus on designing next-generation processors.

AMD Creates New CPU Design Center in New York to Help Recruit CPU Developers and GPU Design Teams

AMD’s Mike Evans posted a screenshot to give the public and potential recruits a general idea of ​​the positions available on AMD’s website. Entries for AMD’s CPU section seek to employ multiple verification engineers, a processor core performance architect and a senior Infinity Fabric verification engineer. Given the diversity and nature of these positions, we may consider establishing another R&D site ready to grow and expand in the future.

AMD’s CPU side is also hiring – they’re even building a brand new site in Poughkeepsie, NY.

— AMD’s Mike Evans on Twitter

List of vacancies at AMD’s new design center in New York. Source: Mike Evans, on Twitter

Over the past few years, AMD has had great success with Ryzen client-based and data center-based EPYC processors. AMD’s research and development departments have seen their budget costs increase, surpassing $1 billion in 2016 to $2.8 billion by 2021. Since the largest percentage of sales is spent on research and development, this allows the company to provide additional assistance in the creation of new hardware and software. advances.

AMD R&D expenditure in millions of US dollars over twenty years (2001 to 2021). Image source: Statista via Tom’s Hardware.

With AMD funneling technology from the acquisition of Xilinx, the next planned release of the company’s new RDNA 3 architecture for their graphics processor lines, the emphasis on transparency and open source compatibility, their upcoming Zen4 series processors, as well as the high success rate over recent years, NVIDIA and Intel may need to rethink their strategies to keep pace with their current high-performance rival.

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