Amazon ramps up satellite production for Project Kuiper



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Amazon is one of the few companies planning to provide high-speed internet access to underserved communities via satellite constellations. Since so much of the company’s business happens online, it has a vested interest in making sure people are connected. And now he’s taking another step to support the Kuiper project.

The company this week announced plans to develop a 172,000 square foot satellite production facility north of Seattle. The new facility will create more than 200 aerospace and manufacturing jobs, and Amazon said it will provide the capacity to produce up to four satellites per day. And since the Kuiper project is expected to require up to 3,236 satellites to create its network in low Earth orbit, large-scale production will be required.

Given the large number of satellites needed for Project Kuiper, Amazon took care to maintain performance while keeping costs down. The company said keeping the factory close to its headquarters will allow its design and development teams to streamline their work with manufacturing teams.

The project’s latest development comes after Amazon announced a series of deals with rocket companies earlier this year to launch its satellites into orbit. The company will work with Arianespace, United Launch Alliance and Blue Origin to complete up to 92 rocket launches over the next five years.

Amazon plans to launch the first two prototype Project Kuiper satellites early next year. These first two units will head aboard United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan Centaur rocket. And ULA just opened a new facility in Alabama that will help support its operations and partner programs like Project Kuiper.

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