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The streets of Dubai have been replenished with the outdoor campaign that belongs to Hermes ParisFrench luxury goods designer, is coming up with a new campaign with a whole new concept of tapping into a diverse range of creatives to come up with something new using only the leftover resources of those crafts. Following their last appearance with their Outdoor collection.

The concept of the campaign is in its work based on materials that the other professions of Hermès have not used, rather than on a predetermined notion. By mixing them in a thousand and one different ways, craftsmen, artists and designers create unique objects whose shapes and functions shout loud and clear the creative detours they are supposed to take. This is called upside-down creation.

Ideas in the advertising space begin to flow around the “small” recreations that come to life in forms such as a sleigh, chair, guitar, bench, basket or vase. Creative isn’t it? Through this campaign, Hermès Paris pays attention and enhances each little piece of material before transforming it into something different. What intrigues people the most is that this is not a story about style or fashion. It is a tale of expert work and innovative individuals. The announcement indicates that the “Petit h” workshop is open to the public and will be exhibited in the Hermès boutique in the Dubai Mall from November 11 to 27.

This campaign is fairly new, having only hit streetlights and digital screens the second week of November.

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