A dilapidated Miami building is being demolished after owners failed to fix code violations


MIAMI – Demolition is underway for a Miami building that has been plagued with code violations for years.

Some people claim the building was left to rot by its owners, who bought the property two years ago, and that’s not the only one.

It was almost 100 years old, with signs of squatters outside and inside.

Miami’s police chief told Local 10 News there were 60 calls to the building at last count.

“We gave them every chance we could to fix this,” Miami commissioner Joe Carollo said. “They promised they would do everything, engage security. They did not comply with any of this.

Carollo headlined the teardown, promising the city will crack down and close loopholes building owners have used for years to get away with dangerous negligence.

Local 10 News documented a similar case in 2019 in a building less than a mile away.

Residents were at the mercy of the landlord, with no water and expired elevator security.

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“The water was going to be shut off if the landlord didn’t pay the bill,” said Maggie Fernandez, who is on staff at the Miami Commission.

Miami Building Director Ace Marrero points the finger at the city’s compliance officers who help real estate investors outsmart the system and make fines go away.

“The lack of consequences feeds into that,” Marrero said. “I think that can be obviously, certainly a big factor in some of them.”

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