964 generation 911 Safari Sportsman is an off-road ready creation


We can’t get enough of modified, off-road-ready Porsches and the latest is the customizable 964-generation 911 Safari Sportsman from Russell Built Fabrication. Like most other Stuttgart creations converted for treacherous terrain, this too comes at a steep price.

Originally launched by Manufacture built by Russell at the 2019 SEMA show with his Porsche 911 Baja Spec, the project finally went into production and its end result was a marketing success. Now Russel Built is back with a 964 generation 911 Safari Sportsman that follows the same recipe with a a little more affordable price than its predecessor.964 generation 911 Safari Sportsman

The 964-generation 911 Safari Sportsman is customizable to each customer’s taste, from engine and transmission to interior upgrades and exterior additions. The 3.8 liter engine can be driven up to 4 liters and produce up to 298 kW if desired. Buyers can also choose from two different roof racks, a rear seat delete package, carbon-wrapped rally lights, steel bumpers, and an oil cooler/AC condenser relocation kit. 964 generation 911 Safari Sportsman

What remains equal across all models is the redesigned suspension setup that features an integrated rear subframe with box-plate steel trailing arms and King Shocks internal bypass coilovers. That means the Stuttgart-born off-roader now has up to 254mm of rear wheel travel. 964 generation 911 Safari Sportsman

If you consider an off-road converted 911 sacrilege, take a look at this inspired by 911 art. 964 generation 911 Safari Sportsman

Of course, to match all these mechanical upgrades, the exterior has also been groomed to hint at its off-road capabilities. A wide body kit covers the wheel arches of the 964-generation 911 Safari Sportsman, while tastefully modified skid plates and rims are among the other details. The newcomer to their lineup will start from just $135,000 with company founder TJ Russell saying it’s “something more accessible” for 964 owners given that most accessories and upgrades are bolted on.

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