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We are all aware that muscle building will take time, especially once we get past the early gains of our coaching. That said, it can be quite irritating and sometimes even to the point of wanting to give up when it seems like an eternity has passed without any noticeable improvement. Moreover, this type of exercise may contribute to weight loss, bone health, cognitive enhancement and an overall higher standard of living. But as with any form of exercise, you want to make sure you’re performing the exercises correctly and getting the most out of each session. (Also read: Diet Tips: Nutrients to Consume to Build Muscle Health )

Ayurvedic practitioner Nidhi Pandya Bhanshali shared five important bodybuilding red flags in her recent Instagram post.

1. Eating too much protein

Too much protein can overload your kidneys and liver and even mess with your hormones.

Solution – Right amount at the right time.

2. Eating the wrong kind of protein

Certain protein isolates, protein shakes, beans, and even tofu can seriously affect gut health.

Solution – Tried and tested traditional digestible forms of protein.

3. Not eating enough fat

These fats are essential as fuel to break down proteins and not dry out your body.

Solution – Avoiding fat can lead to muscle weakness and injury as well as dryness.

4. Frowning and growling during training

It can cause wrinkles, decreased oxygen supply, and even bursting of blood vessels.

Solution – Learn the correct breathing technique to build sustained muscle strength.

5. Not getting enough rest

Rest between working muscles is essential for repair and resilience.

Solution – Learn the right time to train and rest for maximum results.

Learn all of these and some other effective techniques to build muscle in a way that sticks.

• Nutrition

• Diet

• Herbs

• Choice of lifestyle

• Ayurvedic practices for muscle building and more

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