3 brothers charged with making weapons after shooting another driver


Three brothers are charged with making firearms in their apartment after they allegedly shot a man who was dating the girlfriend of one of the brothers while that man was incarcerated.

Willie Gibson, 70; Raymond Gibson, 64; Calvin Gibson, 52, was charged in Racine County Circuit Court on Monday with various felony charges after a man said someone in the car behind him fired at his vehicle on Aug. 6.

Criminal complaint: shooting from a vehicle

According to the criminal complaint, the man said he was driving on Washington Avenue and was followed by another vehicle. The driver – Calvin Gibson – stuck his head out the driver’s window and shouted something before also extending his arm. Just a second or two later, the man said someone in the car shot him. The man accelerated away from the scene and called the police after taking another street.

The car showed visible damage after being directly hit by a bullet and another that grazed the rear passenger door. Video surveillance of the area confirmed the man’s story and officers found two .40 casings at 10th Street and Washington Avenue and one .45 casing near 9th Street and Washington Avenue. The man told police that Calvin had recently discovered that the man was dating Calvin’s girlfriend while Calvin was in jail, the complaint states. Calvin apparently shot the man earlier this year, but the man didn’t report it and just covered the bullet holes with duct tape.

Police traced the car to an address in the 200 block of Memorial Drive where the Gibson brothers live together, the complaint continues. Willie had six used .45 shell casings in his pocket along with a quantity of cocaine and fentanyl. Calvin denied being in the car and said he lent it to a stranger so they could buy beer.

Uncovered weapons manufacturing operation

According to the criminal complaint, officers discovered a gun manufacturing plant inside their apartment. Specifically, eight fully assembled rifles and a shotgun were located along with a variety of tools and parts.

In total, Willie was charged with nine counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted out-of-state felon and one count of possession of cocaine. If found guilty, he faces the rest of his life in prison – up to 105 years – or up to $275,000 in fines.

Raymond was also charged with nine counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted out-of-state felon. If convicted, he also faces the rest of his life in prison – up to 90 years – or up to $225,000 in fines.

Calvin was charged with one count each of recklessly endangering security in the first degree with the use of a dangerous weapon, discharging a firearm at a vehicle, possession of a firearm fire by a convicted felon and possession of marijuana. If found guilty, he faces up to 38 and a half years in prison or up to $85,000 in fines. Because Calvin is considered a repeat offender, he could have up to an additional 18 years added to any sentence he may receive.

Willie received $10,000 cash bond, Raymond received $100,000 cash bond, and Calvin received $50,000 cash bond. All three were ordered not to have contact with each other. Willie and Raymond will then be in court on August 18 for their preliminary hearings, and Calvin will have his preliminary hearing on August 17.

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