100 times stronger than steel, this material is a breakthrough for manufacturing


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Dubbed the global “super material”, graphene continues to take the manufacturing industry by storm. According to a study published by Facts and Factors, the unique properties of graphene have led to a number of breakthrough innovations, triggering a steady increase in market revenue. Currently valued at nearly $573 million, graphene is expected to reach $1.3 billion by 2028.

Although only a single atom thick, it remains one of the strongest known materials on the planet. The strength of graphene, however, is just one of its many game-changing properties. In addition to being over 100 times stronger than steel, it is also flexible, transparent and highly conductive.

Growing demand for graphene across a number of industries – including electronics, biomedical technology and renewable energy – is driving much of this exponential growth. Its microscopic fineness and highly conductive nature make it an ideal material for portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, headphones, and wearable fitness equipment. Cambridge University researchers have also found that applying a protective coating of graphene to hard drives reduces heat-related wear, resulting in a tenfold increase in data storage capacity.

The innovative properties of graphene also present a multitude of applications for the environmental protection and renewable energy industries. It has proven to be an ideal material in the manufacture of solar cells, water filtration systems, as well as in the production of greener concrete. Studies in Brisbane, Australia have found that graphene-based batteries used in electric vehicles charge up to 60 times faster and retain three times the energy of current aluminum-based batteries.

With the many promising breakthroughs in a number of manufacturing industries, we are seeing a dramatic increase in Graphene related sourcing activity on Thomasnet.com. Traffic in 2022 jumped 166% from last year’s quarterly average and 1,932% year-over-year.

I’m Cathy Ma, and this is the Thomas Index report.

Top 10 categories with the most sourcing activity month over month

  • Process control systems: 26,200.0%
  • Containers: Metal: 24575.0%
  • Manufacturing: Aeronautics and aerospace: 13,833.3%
  • Energy services: 13,350.0%
  • Metal fabrication: large component: 8,966.7%
  • Clutches: 8,500.0%
  • Welds: 7580.0%
  • Contractors: Industrialists: 7176.2%
  • Stampings: Progressive Die: 3033.3%
  • Blankets: Fire: 2925.0%

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